The BitCoen Token Sale Is Complete

The BitCoen Token Sale Is Complete

THELOGICALINDIAN - On February 15 2024 the Bitcoen activity completed itstoken auction accepting auspiciously accomplished the declared adamantine cap of25 million

The BitCoen aggregation is alive to get the Bitcoen badge listed on accepted crypto-exchanges.

“TheBitCoen badge will abide all the all-important checks, and we apprehend that in mid-March it will be traded on,” commented Vice-President of BitCoen David Dyshko. “Later the badge will arise on added exchanges. We appetite to acknowledge all those who accurate the BitCoen project.Your assurance is actual important tous. During the badge sale, we accomplished that BitCoen is added than a Jewish blockchain project. The abstraction of BitCoen was accurate by altered communities: indigenous groups, travelers – all who havea charge for a distinct crypto bill that can be acclimated in altered countries. So now we can say that Bitcoen is the aboriginal Community Open Exchange Network.”

The project’s cartography covers added than 200 countries. According to the company’s representatives, best of the requests to acquirement BitCoen tokens came from Israel, Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain, England, Turkey, Ukraine, India, Venezuela, Vietnam, Indonesia and Pakistan.

Blockchain 3.0

The BitCoen ecosystem includestheBitCoen badge and an offline and online acquittal arrangement that allows BitCoen to be acclimated in accustomed life:the all-embracing adherence affairs BitCoen (“BitCoen Loyalty”), the BitCoen wallet (“BitCoen Wallet”),a exchange for businesses (“BitСoen Platform”) and an announcement belvedere (“BitCoen ADV”).

“The BitCoen blockchain is our own development,” says Dyshko. “Its character lies, first, in the acceleration of 1,000 affairs per minute.Now it is the fastest blockchain in the world. The additional different affection is the absence of a agency for transactions. Third, the BitCoen blockchain is sustainable: it does not absorb mining of affidavit of assignment or affidavit of stake. Confirmation of affairs occurs through the agreement of affidavit of time.That is, aerial transaction acceleration is a agreement of its reliability.”

The activity aggregation has already started developing a adaptable appliance for the BitCoen wallet. Together with this, negotiations are continuing with abeyant ally of the project, which will anon become allotment of a distinct Bitcoen ecosystem.