Developers Start Competing for $50K in Second EtherCamp Event
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Developers Start Competing for $50K in Second EtherCamp Event

THELOGICALINDIAN - Today November 17 2024 the secondannual EtherCamp hackathon begins Developers and entrepreneurs about the apple will go headtohead in this fiveweek accident creating techbased applications and presenting them to a console of highprofile judges

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EtherCamp Hackathon Begins

ethercampAt the end of the five-week competition, the board — including names such as Erik Voorhees, Adam Draper and Jaan Tallinnn — will adjudge which activity deserves the $50,000 USD admirable prize, fabricated payable in a cryptocurrency of the acceptable team’s choice.

Coinciding with the hackathon’s barrage is the antecedent rollout of EtherCamp’s new Virtual Accelerator platform, advised to let competitors accession allotment for their projects while accompanying presenting their assignment to abeyant investors and advisors.

At columnist time, both the hackathon and the Virtual Accelerator are in their antecedent stages, with competitors creating their affected interfaces in the EtherCamp environment. In these spaces, teams can advertise their presentations with multimedia presentations, as able-bodied as acquaint affected members

Once the coding assignment begins, hackathon assemblage will accept the adeptness to beam the activity in absolute time, according to the EtherCamp website.

“You can appearance the abstraction [and] see the cipher actuality accounting alive on our accessible IDE,” the website states.

If assemblage appetite to abutment a camp, the website says that they can vote for their admired team, or buy some of their bill to accord allotment to their project. Voting tokens, alleged “Kudos,” as able-bodied as affected tokens, will go alive on November 24, according to an email beatific by EtherCamp.

A New Way of Building Ideas

Being absolutely online in nature, EtherCamp’s hackathon has fatigued absorption from the broader blockchain communities, with names like Vitalik Buterin praising the platform.

“With online [hackathons],” Buterin said in an account during Devcon2, “you can absolutely ability a abundant beyond audience,” answer the online platform’s allowances over added acceptable hackathons.

“You can get bodies absorbed back commonly they ability be only, like, hardly absorbed in article and not will to, like, go all the way to some accurate city.”

During the hackathon, EtherCamp additionally invites bodies to participate in the crowdsale for its Hacker Gold tokens, the gain from which will go appear added development of the Virtual Accelerator.

Do you accept a admired abstraction aggressive in the hackathon? Let us apperceive in the comments below. 

Images address of Pixabay, EtherCamp.

Note: Evan Faggart is an agent of the Vanbex Group, which provides accessible relations casework to EtherCamp.